Using Search Templates in the Campaign Builder

What is the Search Template feature?

Search Templates is our answer to one of our most common requests; it enables you to re-use a search rather than having to create every search from scratch. Our system is designed to help you send tailored searches to each of your clients in a way that is meaningful to the client and has a HUGE impact on your business. Search Templates allow you to load in search criteria you’ve previously saved to give you a head start in building your next search.

Where do I find the Search Template feature?

As the video covers, this feature is found within your website’s admin area under “Campaign Builder” just under the search criteria section under the heading “Search Templates.”

Important Tip: the main text field in the Search Template feature has a dual purpose. You can type in this field to search for past templates you’ve saved or you can use it to type the name of a new search that you’re saving now.

How do I Save a new Search Template?

Before you can save a new Search Template, you must first add the search criteria you’d like this template to retain. Using the map/polygon feature, search criteria, and/or additional criteria fields. If you’re unsure about how to do this, be sure to check out our training event calendar or our knowledge base for more help.

Once your criteria is laid out how you’d like it, click on the Search Template header to expand this section within the campaign builder. Type in a unique name for this search template that will help you remember what it was for, then click Save.

How do I use a Search Template once I’ve saved it?

The next time you’re using the campaign builder and want to use a Search Template, you’ll start the same as you usually do by entering a contact you wish to send this search to. From there, skip the map and criteria sections and click on the Search Template heading to expand this section. In the text field, start typing the name of the search that you saved and allow the system to suggest the names of any search templates you have saved in the past. You must click on one of the suggestions, then click the LOAD button. Once done, the proper criteria you’ve saved in the template will be loaded into the “Selected Criteria” bin. If you’re unsure if this worked, I suggest clicking “View Search Results” which will show you the listings that come up with the loaded criteria.

Can I adjust the search for my client after I’ve loaded a Search Template?

YES! Once you’ve loaded a Search Template, feel free to add or remove any criteria that you see fit as necessary for your client. Adding and removing criteria won’t change the original search template so you can continue to use the same template for future searches.

How do I edit a Search Template

To edit a search template, you must first LOAD the template as if you were using it for a new search. Once loaded, adjust the search criteria. When fininshed with your changes click the UPDATE


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