How to Upgrade to the new platform

Upgrade and Convert my Current iFoundAgent IDX to the New iFound IDX/CRM System

Below you’ll see a comparison between our Legacy IDX System and our New iFound IDX/CRM System.

Proven Process

Beginning in January 2016 we began teaching our agents a process that has you use your website similarly to how you use the MLS. More specifically, we teach setting up a specific home search on your website and sending this home search to your respective client(s) and lead(s) on a recurring basis using a 3rd party CRM called LionDesk.

Employing this process drives your prospective leads and past clients back to your website where they belong to get their real estate information versus going to Zillow or some competitor’s website. Additionally, this process gets your website found in Google and syndicated to your social media accounts which greatly enhance your online marketing efforts.

Your Feedback

We’ve had good success with getting many of our clients to adopt this process/strategy. We’ve also heard the positive comments coming from our clients that report their clients like getting these search/market updates on a regular basis. Yet what we’ve heard from many of you is that you’d like to see a single system to establish the searches and control the recurring email campaigns and that you’d like to do it all from your phone.

The End Result – A New System – Hooray!

As a result of the success we’ve had and the awesome generous feedback we’ve received from many of you, we’ve launched a brand new complete stand-alone, totally manageable from your mobile device, IDX/Integrated CRM system. Besides being a true one-stop shop we’ve added a whole lot of performance and functionality enhancements to boot – again stemming from the feedback we’ve gotten.

Comparing Legacy to New

Below you’ll see a list of features of our legacy system and our new system so you can compare the differences.

 Legacy System

  •  Clean Design
  •  No iFrames or Subdomains
  •  Map Search
  •  Create any search you can create on MLS
  •  What’s My Payment
  •  Search by Budget
  •  Several Registration Settings you control
  •  Featured Properties
  •  Featured Community and Lifestyle Search Categories
  •  Recurring email campaigns require 3rd Party CRM Integration
  •  Username and Password Registration Process
  •  Search Nearby from any Mobile Device
  •  Responsive Design
  •  Highly SEO/Google Friendly
  •  No more coming soon!

 New System

  •  Clean Design and Simple to Use
  •  Flexible Responsive Design
  •  No iFrames or Subdomains to display listings
  •  Intuitive Draw Map Search
  •  Proven Lead Capture
  •  Highly SEO/Google Friendly
  •  Home Value Tool Included
  •  Stand-alone plug-in
  •  Featured Properties
  •  Featured Communities
  •  Save Multiple Searches, Modify Searches
  •  Save Multiple Properties
  •  Built for Mobile – looks great on any device
  •  Facebook Integration
  •  Syndicate to Social Media
  •  Easy Access Admin
  •  Use With Your Phone!
  •  Auto Responders
  •  Auto Property Alerts
  •  Import your contacts
  •  Simple all-in-one Campaign Builder
  •  Recurring Market Update Drip Emails
  •  New Lead Notifications
  •  Track User Activity in Website Admin Dashboard
  •  Starter Campaigns Provided – Birthday, holiday etc.
  •  Search by Budget
  •  One Click account confirmation – no more passwords – increases converions
  •  Manage directly from your Mobile Phone
  •  Syndicate to Social Media
  •  Coming soon – Texting capability
  •  Coming soon – Saved Search new property alerts
  •  Coming soon – Connect directly with your MLS account
  •  Coming soon – Bulk email
  •  Coming soon – Much More!

Upgrading is optional – it is not required. We are not turning off your current system. Upgrading is your choice – albeit we think it is a very important choice to make. To work smarter not harder.

Please watch this demo to help you decide to upgrade. Below the video is a form to complete should you want to upgrade. We hope you do.