Add Headshot to base theme

In this video we will look at how to add a headshot to the base theme. You will need a couple of things:

  1. The height of the header is 94 pixels. I make the height of my image to be 85 pixels. If you have two images of 85px x 85px then I would make an image that is 170 px long and 85 px high. You’ll be combining the tow images.
  2. You need to make your logo and headshot in one image and reimport into the widget area of your website.
  3. I use as an image editor (Free) I do love this editor. Looks and acts just like Photoshop.

Please understand that there are many ways to do this. Everyone has a different computer. Different image quality. If you use a low quality image it will most likely not look good. This is not a reflection of the system. The system will display exactly what you put into it.

If you don’t want to mess with it, we can do it for a small fee. Depending on the collateral it is a 30-60 minute job. Anyone you know that has web skills can work on it as well. On caveat is that if you break and we have to fix it, you have to pay for it.


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